WordPress Debug Plugin

Collect all the important insights in one place

Easily install the WordPress Consolari Debug Logger which sends your insights into Consolari.

What the plugin will do for you:

  • Log the execution performance into a readable table
  • Log and format all SQL queries along with the data fetched and even display the code context in which it was executed.
  • Log any custom data you require like data you have modeled and the code context
  • Display all your environment data like _SESSION, _POST and _SERVER variables.
  • Keep your searchable history of data up to 180 days
  • Display your data like arrays, JSON, SQL or XML formatted and with syntax highlights.
  • Inspect AJAX requests just as easily as normal requests.


How to install the WordPress plugin

  1. Log in to your wordpress installation and search for Consolari Debug Logger in your plugin menu.
  2. Install and activate the plugin
  3. Create a Consolari account and enter your credentials into the Consolari settings page and your set!

That’s it. Whenever your logged into your wordpress install it will send insights to Consolari log where your can tail it and debug your own application.